What you should know when booking a performer for your event

Hello all you reading this.What should you know about Booking Party Entertainment.

I commonly get asked to perform at events and one question I typically ask while booking an event is “why did you choose to hire a magician?”. It seems odd to question someone’s reasoning to why they picked a magician, but for me, it is an important marketing tool, as well as education as to why people choose magicians, and even more so why people keep hiring good magicians to perform at their events. A client can easily hire a musician, clown, balloon artist, dancer, face painter, or costumed character for their event, so what settled them on a magician?

Why do you want to hire a magician is an important question to ask yourself.

What do you need to know?

First, you need to know what you want at your event? Do you want big and loud? Are you looking for a theme? Is it your child’s party and they want a frozen character to be there? Do you want some entertainment that allows you to be social with friends still? Is it indoors or outdoors? Is it for a corporate function? An adult birthday?

A magician is a versatile performer who can take on almost any of these prior examples (I won’t dress up as Elsa) and make the event successful. I say successful, but what does that mean? Successful means stress-free entertainment, amazing feedback, professional acting, and will keep the event, well, eventful. Magic can entertain a school gymnasium full of 500 students, a library of 20, a birthday party with friends and family, a corporate getaway, a cocktpntail hour, and even for your holiday events. Magicians also are just as loud as you need them. They are not blasting country or classic rock but still get their point across. They are typically friendly, cooperative, and nice people who dress to impress. They fit into many situations and can engage with the crowd with ease. Not to mention, everyone loves magic, especially with the growing popularity in popular cultures such as “America’s Got Talent” and “Penn and Teller’s : Fool Us”.

Magic brings moments of amazement, and not just good music, a nice balloon, or a tiger-painted face. It makes your party unique and different, while still giving the guests something they are familiar with.

Think about your event and what kind of vibe, environment, and feeling you want people to have. Then book a magician today!

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