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How I started performing magic.

Hello, everyone. One questions I always get after a show is “How did you get started in magic?”. Every magician has their genesis story, and each one is a little different, but many have a similar story. Someone had to get you started in magic.


My first magic book.

My magic starter was my Grandmother. She went on a trip to New Orleans with some friends and visited a magic shop. She picked up a few items that a beginning magician might have which included the book “The Klutz Book of Magic”. She brought the magic supplies home and started to show us (her grandchildren) some tricks from the book. I was so excited for the tricks and loved them all. One trick I enjoyed the most was one that involved a dollar bill and two paperclips. She saw my interest and gave me the book. I was only about four or five years old so I did not fully grasp the content inside. I based most of my magic off of the pictures in the book and never understood the impact that the magic inside that book actually had.


I was in the third grade, and my sister and I were deciding what to do for the end of the year talent show. the idea of a magic show was introduced. My parents pushed for it more than we did. My parents purchased props, magic videos to teach us tricks and arts and craft supplies. They went to work and created a cute 7-minute magic act with lots of fun and visual magic. A head turning illusion, a production box, and other illusions were performed. We performed this act about 3 times, and then I was done. Years later I would walk into a pizza shop to have a group of kids remember who I was and the magic show I did for them.


Let’s skip ahead to 12th grade. While in chorus with a friend, he took out  a deck of cards and said pick a card. I loved magic and even knew a little about how it worked, but I did not perform any magic. I took a card and he put it into the deck.imgres With a snap, he turned over the top card and low and behold, my card was there! He showed me several other tricks and I was dumbfounded and wanted to learn. I asked him where I could learn magic and he pointed me to a few resources and the rest is history. I have been learning and performing since.


Once you are able to learn what the impact of magic is, and have a teacher who can show you how to perform properly with good technique, magic is truly a joy. I love performing, working on new tricks, and meeting other magicians. It is an amazing hobby or job that I am happy to be able to have. I encourage everyone to study a little magic, just so you are able to impact someone’s day for the better.


Performing still and bringing laughter to everyone.

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