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Hello World
It has been quite a while since my last post. I have gotten married, started a new job, and started paying student loans (OH NO)!! It has been a very activity full and interesting year. This post is part motivational and part promotion.

I was asked to perform a show for [undisclosed] which is a group that meets up to talk about life. They asked for me to perform for the group and I obliged. I figured I would do some of my family show, to keep everyone happy, but I was wrong. I realized that adults do not love the family show style if kids are not present. My family show is not a show for mainly young kids, but for older audiences. It has some goofiness and some jokes for young and older people. I have gotten a great deal of fantastic input on the performance, until this night. I did my show and from joke numero-uno I knew it was an off night. People sitting away from the front, not wanting to participate in some very participatory tricks, and not laughing at all the jokes. It was a rough show and due to some of these conditions I was unable to finish the show the way I wanted. It left a sour taste in my mouth and when I got the initial reviews it made me question what I was doing wrong.

I sat long that night and thought about my old shows and what adults liked. I do a piece in my show where I read some of the audience’s minds and I have always gotten positive feedback on that. After talking to some friends, it was noted that I was a school psychologist as well and that I should incorporate that into my act. I decided to write a NEW SHOW. I had a show in about a month that was all adults, which I felt might be a good debut for this new show. After a good week and a half of planning I sat down to construct a brand new show, with mostly new material. Lots of it was stuff I have never performed on stage, and was unsure of how the feedback would be. I wrote though the rough show draft, practiced it and ran through it about a dozen times. Performing for a mirror or your wife is has little comparison to a real show with strangers.

The show is about connections. Being a School Psychologist, I have to make new connections with people on many different levels. I also have to connect what people can do and cannot do to other driving factors in their lives. I do this by , as Mrs. Frizzle might say, taking chances, making mistakes, and getting messy (maybe not that last one)! I have to build rapport, gain insight, and learn more about that person than they know about themselves. If I do this during my day job, then why not continue? My show combines several different aspects of my job into your lives. I will influence you, find out secret information about you, read your expressions and non-verbals, put my trust into your hands, with an ending that will bring everyone to their feet in amazement.

How did it go?
I performed the first show and it was a BLAST! I learned a ton of things from the performance. The audience gave me a standing ovation which was the first I ever received. It was a great feeling sharing new experiences with people. Since then I have re-written my show, worked on the choreography, and refined those moments that I missed or glossed over the first time.

What the moral?
I suppose the moral is to always improve. After that bad show I started to doubt myself. It was a realization that whatever I do can be stronger, better, more important than it is now. I thought my family show was great and could cover all my bases, but I was wrong. My show was good, but it could always be improved. My magic is good, but it can be stronger. My connections with my audience are strong, but they can be unbreakable. We can take anything we do and make it better than it was before. If we can strive to make ourselves better today than yesterday, there is no knowing where we will end up


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