Public Magic Show in Lee-Center NY

Hello Friends,

I want to announce that on January 31st, I will performing a Magic Show that is open to the public!


I am excited about this show because it is the second time being asked to perform at this venue and this time I am presenting a new show that I have been constructing for the last several months.

This show is coming from a different direction than what I have usually performed for my family shows. It is still family appropriate, however, it is geared toward an older audience as the show is focused on personal connections between individuals to create amazing effects that look and feel like mind-reading, telepathy, influence, as well as some future predictions. I am not a mind-reader and do not claim to have powers, but with my interest in psychology (I am a school psychologist) as well as my history in socializations and human interactions, I have learned techniques and picked up on patterns that allow me to appear to be reading minds or controlling thoughts. I consider myself to be a Conjunctionist, which is a term used to describe the ability to find connections and create conjunctions between people to understand and influence. 

During the show I will demonstrate my ability to understand a person almost as much as they know themselves, to find patterns and predictability among groups, to pick up on nonverbal unconscious communication, and influence everyone. There will be magic, but this is more about the moments of companionship that we form throughout the evening to provide an experience unlike any other. I almost forgot! I will be putting my career on the line for your entertainment (it involves sharp things)! It is a night you will not want to miss!

The show is in Lee-Center NY at the St. Joseph Parish at 5748 Stokes Lee-Center Road Lee Center, NY 13363. The show starts at 6:30 pm, come earlier for seating as it is a packed house!

Hope to see you there! Bring a friend with you! I cannot wait to meet every single one of you!

You can also print out the flyer to show to friends at the link HERE

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