Four Tips to Book the Best Summer Event EVER!

Hey everyone! Chris Wheel here!

When June hits, the weather gets good, and I get excited! Summer is my busiest time of the year for performing! There are so many different activities, programs, parties, and festivals that happen and I can hardly keep it all straight.

Sunny Days require Sunny Glasses!

I am getting booked up so quickly that I am having to turn away several customers or try to move times around to accommodate multiple shows in a day.


Here are four awesome tips to help you book your summer show to create a perfect and smooth event!

  1. CONTACT! Contact me as soon as you can! You can call my phone or fill out a contact/booking form at the bottom of my main page. The sooner the better. Often when I receive calls for the week of the show, it is too late to make any changes or accommodate the time and location.
  2. FLEXIBILITY! The more flexible you are for your time of day or date of event, the better. I do my best to keep everything on your schedule, but if I am already booked, it helps to be able to move one or two things around to make everyone happy.
  3. WHAT KIND OF SHOW? Know what you are looking for. If you want a stage show for a program or festival, let me know that. Walk around and stage shows require extremely different set-ups and organization on my part with travel and production, so if you know exactly what you want, it helps. With that in mind, if you are unsure, I am happy to help you make these choices.
  4. BUDGET! Know your budget. Every event should have a budget. It is difficult for me to know what you want if I do not have a price. I do break down my performance costs with a rubric to make sure all of my pricing is understandable and fair to everyone, however, different budgets afford me more abilities to enhance the show.

With these four tips, you will have no problem setting up the event and show of your dreams!